10 Weird And Wonderful Things About Mountain Biking


10 Weird And Wonderful Things About Mountain Biking

  1. If you don’t like mud walk away now. Mud is everywhere when you mountain bike. It will get into places you never thought possible. The muddier you get, the better the ride was.
  2. The largest mountain bike race in the world is the Birkebeinerrittet, which is a 95 km race, held every year in Norway.
  3. If you don’t like grease on you a lot, don’t try mountain biking. It will always be on everything if you are serious about riding.
  4. You will probably clean your mountain bike more than your home. Cleaning your bike is the second best thing you can do on your weekend, right up there with after your weekend ride of course.
  5. Mountain biking was first added to the Summer Olympics programme in the 1996 Atlanta Games. It was won by Dutch rider Bart Jen Brentjens.
  6. The highest mountain bike race on the planet is ‘the Yak Attack’ in the Himalayas in Nepal. There are 11 stages across 400 km of some of the harshest riding conditions on the planet.
  7. If you taco’ed your bike, it means you just crashed so hard your wheel now looks like a taco.
  8. One of the first examples of a mountain bike was way back in 1896, where bicycles were modified for ‘off-road’ use by the Buffalo Soldiers from Montana to Yellowstone in the US.
  9. One of the most important things to know about mountain biking is to look down the trail, not down at your front wheel. Don’t stare at something you don’t want to crash into, look where you want to go!
  10. Someone has invented a tandem mountain bike, suspension, disc brakes and all. Not sure how well this one would go down some of the trails I’ve ridden, but it could sure take you places a normal tandem bike couldn’t.

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